Why get a massage for your horse

In addition to feeling great for the horse, owners can also benefit from providing a massage session for their horse.  The benefits of equine massage therapy are expansive, including the following:
Helps to Prevent Injury –

As you exercise your horse, you are building up his muscle. This is done when many small tears are made in the muscle fibers during exercise, which are then repaired with scar tissue over the next couple days. Massage helps to break down the scar tissue, allowing muscles to be elastic and flexible. Well moving muscles without tension help keep joints aligned and put less stress on tendons, reducing wear and tear.

Increase Range of Motion – 

Between stretching tissues, improving muscle tone and lowering stiffness and swelling, equine massage therapy can expand a horse’s range of motion, allowing them to become more effective under saddle.

Reduces Stress – 

Horses experience stress and anxiety just like we do, and massage relaxes them just as it does us. When muscles are rubbed, there is a sedative effect on the nervous system, which helps with relaxation and can improve disposition.